Lawn Maintenance

Keep your side of the fence greener with our line of lawn maintenance services. We offer basic to advanced services to fit your needs and your budget. We provide quality, professional and timely work so you can fully enjoy your backyard.

Basic Lawn Services

  • Basic Lawn Maintenance: Our basic lawn maintenance includes a standard “cut, trim, and blow”. This includes professional mowing, edging around objects and along walkways. We even clear the area of grass clippings.
  • Seasonal Clean Up: We also offer seasonal services such as leaf and debris removal. We’ll keep your lawn safe by removing fallen trees, unwanted plants and shrubs and other debris that could potentially harm you, your family or your lawn.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Our leaf removal doesn’t stop on the lawn. We also provide gutter cleaning. Keeping your gutters free from leaves, sticks and other debris ensures water flows off of your home and away from your foundation.

Advanced Lawn Care

If your lawn needs a little more love and attention, consider one of our more advanced services.

  • Aeration & Overseeding: We offer aeration and overseeding services to clients who desire a healthier looking lawn. Mechanical aeration reduces soil compaction, improving how well your lawn receives the nutrients it needs. Combined with overseeding, this process results in thicker turf and new, healthier grass.
  • Fertilization: If your grass looks a little hungry, we offer fertilization services as well. Choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn depends on several factors. We’ll evaluate your lawn’s dietary needs and provide the right solution. Fertilizing your lawn allows the grass to develop solid root structures, grow thicker and deeper in color.
  • Seeding & Sodding: If your lawn maintenance has been abandoned over the years, or if you would just like your lawn to have a clean slate, we offer seeding and sodding services. We will either till, fertilize and re-seed your lawn, or we can lay new sod. These services turn dying yards into lush, green lawns.